Laurie Barton(non-registered)
Thank you for these beautiful images David, each a unique perspective on our wonderful home.
Leanne and Bear Barton(non-registered)
Simply stunning photography
Peter HITCHCOCK(non-registered)
Love your portrayal of the outback. Made me feel like packing up and heading inland tomorrow.
Fanny Jones(non-registered)
Wonderful photos; makes us realise just how different Aussie is.
Christopher Mc(non-registered)
Lovely stuff Mr Foster - keep up the great work.
C and C(non-registered)
Fantastic photos beautifully presented. The true Outback.
BRIAN STITSON(non-registered)
Great site Fossie We biked through the middle on year and found it a interesting place.
Hello David,
I LOVE your photos - every single one of them is truly amazing. Keep taking photos!
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