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Photographs of birds and animals taken during the 2017 travels by David Foster in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland,
Brolga in JundahAustralian Hobby at Burke and Wills RoadhouseYellow-tinted Honeyeater at Lawn HillWhite-gaped Honeyeater at Lawn HillLittle Red Flying Foxes at Lawn HillIntermediate Egret at Cumberland Gold MineAustralasian Darter at Cumberland Gold MinePied Currawong at HerbertonBad Hair DayBrown Honeyeater at Lake EachamAustralasian Darter and Little Pied Cormorant at Mareeba WetlandsGouldian Finch at Mareeba WetlandsMacleay's Honeyeater at JulattenChestnut-breasted Mannikin at JulattenBridled Honeyeater at Mount MolloyLaughing Kookaburra at JulattenAzure Kingfisher at Daintree RiverAzure Kingfisher in the Rain on Daintree RiverSacred Kingfisher on the Daintree RiverAzure Kingfisher on the Daintree River