I've been taking photographs since I borrowed my father's Kodak Box Brownie and that's a long, long time ago. After various Kodak cameras, I graduated to a Practica SLR before buying and loving the wonderful Olympus OM1 cameras and lenses. Over recent years, I have been a Canon man and have owned various Canon film and digital cameras. My main camera is a Canon 5DsR but this will be joined in the near future by a Canon 5D Mark IV. This will be my go to camera for my bird and low light photography.  I also use a Sony a7R camera but I have to say that I have never been happy with it. I have taken some lovely photographs with it but I just do not like it.

Over the last six years, I have travelled nearly 200,000 kilometres around Australia taking photographs. I have been to some truly spectacular places and enjoyed many pleasant evenings under the desert skies. In spite of having travelled around the country several times, there is still a lot of places to visit and I'm looking forward to future trips.

I hope that you enjoy travelling along with me.