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Landscape photographs of New South Wales mountains, rivers and lakes. West of Sydney lie the Blue Mountains, an area of dramatic steep-sided valleys, delicate waterfalls and spectacular scenery. It is one of the most visited regions in New South Wales. In the Barrington Tops National Park near Gloucester are beautiful rivers and forests. Further west, in the outback, is the Darling River, the longest river in the country which with the mighty Murray River forms the biggest river catchment in Australia.
Morning Mist, Dunns Swamp, Wollemi National Park, RylstoneDunns Swamp, Wollemi National Park, RylstoneBridal Veil Falls in the Rain, Blue Mountains, BlackheathWentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National ParkTop of Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National ParkCloud fills the Jamison Valley at SunriseGloucester by the Light of the Full MoonGloucester River FordGloucester River FordEarly morning on the Cobark River near GloucesterEarly morning on the Cobark River near GloucesterPatterns in GreenGap Creek FallsGap Creek FallsMorning on the Thredbo RiverSnowy River and the Main RangeFrosty Morning on the Trhedbo RiverTrout Fishing on the Thredbo RiverRed Gum on a Snow GumThredbo River at Thredbo Diggings