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Landscape Photos of South Australia's outback and deserts. South Australia the driest state in the driest inhabited continent! One thing there is a lot of is deserts and the outback. It's a rugged and harsh dry land. But there is a lot of beauty in this country; you just have to put some effort into seeing it.
Exchange Hotel, FarinaFarina, Oodnadatta TrackTranscontinental Hotel, Farina, Oodnadatta TrackGeneral Store, Farina, Oodnadatta TrackAbandoned Car, Farina, Oodnadatta TrackExtinct Mound Spring, Oodnadatta TrackCurdimurka Railway Siding, Oodnadatta TrackGregory Creek, Old Ghan Railway Line, Oodnadatta TrackA Little Green at Beresford Siding, Old Ghan RailwayWrecked Car near William Creek, Oodnadatta TrackDry Creeks near Lake Eyre, Outback South AustraliaSalt pan near Lake Eyre, Outback South AustraliaWater in Lake Eyre, Outback South AustraliaWater in Lake Eyre, Outback South AustraliaDeath at Lake Eyre South, Outback South AustraliaPlanehenge, Oodnadatta TrackHarsh Country, Oodnadatta TrackAlgebuckina Bridge, Oodnadatta TrackOodnadatta, South AustraliaPainted Desert, Arckaringa