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Landscape photographs of the coasts of Tasmania. The smallest of Australia's six states, Tasmania is probably the most spectacular with rugged mountains, tall old growth forests, beautiful alpine lakes, delightful waterfalls and rugged coastlines. It is a pleasure to visit. Enjoy these landscape photographs of this great part of Australia.
Bridport Jetty at DawnFull moon Bridport JettyBridport Jetty at DawnRuined Jetty at BridportBridport RocksRed Rocks at Cosy CornerSwimcart Lagoon, Bay of FiresBeer Barrel Bay, St HelensReflections at Lagoons BeachJetty Bay, Bruny IslandThe Gods are AngryBruny Sunrise, Adventure BayTwo Tree Point, Adventure BayStorm over BrunySunset on The Hazards, FreycinetSea Shells on the Sea Shore, FreycinetWineglass Bay at Sunrise, FreycinetSunset on The Hazards, FreycinetEarly Morning at Cape TourvilleGuardian at the Gates of Hell, Macquarie Harbour